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Discover the history of the region by following the numerous paths in an evocative atmosphere among the paved mule tracks of the first world war,well preserved trenches and Alpine pastures equipped for summer camping.

Ein interessanter botanischer Weg, "der Blume-Weg", gekennzeichnet mit verschiedenen Signposts ist eine Anziehung für Naturwissenschaftler, die das Wissen der alpinen Blumen anreichern.

Passo Brocon, 1650 m über Meeresspiegel auf der östlichen Peripherie von Tesino, ist der Ausgangspunkt für eine Gebirgsspur, das wery nameof, das von der Versprechung - Il Trodo dei Fiori - "trodo" Bedeutung Weg im lokalen Dialekt (fiori = Blumen) voll ist-.

Il Trodo dei Fiori is like an extraordinary botanical garden, where nature has excelled itself in beauty and colour in its endowment of mountain flowers.
A fairly unique combination of environmental factors has given rise to an extremely rich variety of plant life. In summer it's possible to take a walk lasting just a few hours and observe dozens and dozens of species, which in other mountainous areas may require days of searching out.

Departing from Passo del Brocon the route initially follows an old World War
One mule trail
, winding up a sunny siope through meadows and pastures.
The fairly easy path is enhanced by the welcome appearance of alpine flowers,
their vivid colours contrasting against the brillant green grass.

Higher up the path becomes less steep following a rocky crest which houses a WWI trench.
Flora of all types grow in profusion, even rarer varieties, giving life to the cracks in the rock face from which they grow .

The return route continues along the mule path, giving the opportunity to see both the meadow and the rock flowers growing close together, filling the panorama with colour, a breathtaking sight that makes the walk and a day out here an unforgettable experience.


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